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Roger Martin-Fagg shares his latest economic insights and predictions.


Roger Martin-Fagg's economic report December 2020

Roger's latest economic update, which is still positive despite it all. Read about his take on bank debt, the savings data and the likely effects on house prices, exchange rates and growth for 2021.

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I met Roger over ten years ago and have been following his economic predictions since then.  We have invited him to speak at events for our clients where his insights, humour, and irreverent approach has always been well received.  His economic reports are always worth a read. 

David Parry, Managing Director

Roger Martin-Fagg

Who is he and why should we listen to him?

Roger Martin-Fagg is an economist who combines insight into the financial and policy worlds with management strategy. As such he delivers both an economic outlook, and what organisations should do to prepare. After studying Economics, Economic History and Geography Martin-Fagg worked as an economist with the New Zealand Government. He returned to the UK to work in the air transport industry before teaching strategy and economics at Henley Management College to senior managers from a wide range of industries.


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